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Draper Body Therapy® Fingerless Mittens
Draper Body Therapy® Fingerless Mittens
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $15.00

Draper Body Therapy® Fingerless Mittens are designed to provide maximum therapeutic benefits and temperature control to the hand and wrist area while allowing the user full use of their fingers.
Draper Therapy® Warming Mat
Draper Therapy® Warming Mat
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $30.00

The Warming Mat is a rectangular shape that is designed for use as a dry hot/cold and weighted compress on the shoulders, hands, feet, face, back, knees, abdomen, or anywhere else it can be placed comfortably.
Draper Body Therapy Infinity Scarf
Draper Body Therapy® Blue Infinity Scarf
Our Price: $40.00

Draper Body Therapy® Infinity Scarf is easily folded and draped around the shoulders and neck to provide protection and therapeutic relief.
Draper Canine Therapy Dog Coat
Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Coat
Our Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $50.00
Save $10.00!

Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Coats are a cool-coat for canines in a lightweight breathable design offering a convenient way to deliver therapeutic benefits to your canine for all day relief. Works great as a layering item or immersed in water to help cool even the hottest pooch.
Draper Canine Therapy Quilted Pet Mat
Draper Canine Therapy Quilted Pet Mat
Our Price: $60.00

Draper Canine Therapy® Pet Mats help your favorite four legged companion with therapeutic relief throughout their body while providing a comfortable place for them to kick up their paws.
Draper Body Therapy Back Support
Draper Body Therapy® Back Support
Our Price: $69.00

Draper Body Therapy® Back Supports stay secure around your torso for therapeutic relief from soreness and stiffness in the back.
Draper Canine Therapy Bolster Bed
Draper Canine Therapy® Bolster Bed
Our Price: $110.50

Draper Canine Therapy® Bolster Beds, brought to you by Sit Stay Forever, offer dog of all sizes relief from surgery, injuries or arthritic conditions. These luxurious beds feature a bolster or donut shaped design which allows the dog to have a place to rest their head, be propped up, or curl up.
Draper Equine Therapy Stable Sheet
Draper Equine Therapy® Stable Sheet
Our Price: $225.00

Draper Equine Therapy® Stable Sheets are designed to be used in a variety of climates. This stylish sheet keeps shavings at bay and provides your horse with therapeutic benefits that keeps your horse feeling their best.